10 October, 2016

The 6 People You Need to Bring With You To Upcoming Raves

The 6 People You Need to Bring With You To Upcoming Raves

With USC Event’s annual halloween rave, FreakNight, coming right around the corner, it’s time to bring out those fancy costumes and get ready for some big EDM music.  With this year’s lineup featuring the likes of Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, and Zedd, we can be sure for a night filled with some fist pumping EDM music. Here are 6 types of people you definitely need in your rave crew to make your rave experience just that much more memorable.

1) The Know it All

The “Know it All”  is usually the leader of the group and has seemingly memorized every single tiny little detail about the event.  They are where they are now because they’ve done their research about the event way before you bought your ticket. These people have often been to just about every single rave you have heard of, and know just about everything there is to know about raving.  They have memorized all the set times, all the stages, and all the exits.  This is your go to person in your group for any information you might want to know while raving.


Upcoming Raves

2) The Cameraman

Normally one of the better looking members of the group, the Cameraman is characterized by their love relationship with their phone.  At almost every single point in the rave they can be seen ready with their phone in their hand as if to take another snapchat. Every second is precious to them and they are eager to capture every moment of it forever on their phone. This member constantly forces the other members to take pictures with them throughout the event and will often take the same picture about 5 times just to make sure they look good.  At the end of the day, however, even if we do sometimes get annoyed at this member for forcing us to be in their photos, we do have to thank them for willing to be spammed the next day with messages from us asking for their photos.

Upcoming Raves

3) The Babysitter

Usually one of of the older members of the group, the Babysitter is the caretaker of the group.  A sort of Mr Nice Guy character, this person is the one who accompanies you to the bar but doesn’t drink, the one who drives you home when you’re too drunk to drive, and also the first one in your group to notice when someone is missing.  The Babysitter is never drunk, and never does he complain about his role in the group.  Often overlooked by the other members, this is the one person you definitely want to be in good terms with as they are usually the difference between you waking up in your room or on the street.

Upcoming Raves

4) The Drunk One

The Drunk One is the subject of most if not all the memorable stories from the rave.  From passing out midway through the rave, to getting into a fight, to doing the stupidest things humanly possible, what the Drunk One does is what will you will definitely remember for many years to come.  Characterized by their insane love and capacity for alcohol, this breed of rave goers aim to get buzzed as soon as possible.  They are often found in the drinking areas and rarely do they venture out onto the dance floor until they have drank at least more than a few shots.  The Drunk One is the number one reason the Babysitter exists and is usually seen being carried by a one at the end of the event.  Be on the look out for them when you’re at FreakNight.

Upcoming Raves

5) The Scavenger

Like hungry scavengers, this member of the group is constantly scanning the area for someone to hookup with.  Unlike most of the other members of the group, whose goal is to get pumped and enjoy EDM music, the scavenger is more interested in getting some action and doesn’t care as much about what music he hears.  They are the ones who disappear in the middle of a rave and sometimes won’t even be seen until the next day, where they then proceed to tell you about how hot the people at the rave were last night.

6) The Shuffler

The Shuffler is the person in your group who just cannot stop moving and is often lost in his own world when the music starts playing.  They often think they have the best dance moves in the world (sometimes they do), and will try to show you what they just learned yesterday from a dance video tutorial on youtube.  Armed with his light gloves, party glasses, and LED shoes, they try their very best to entertain you with some slick moves and occasionally entertain you with their own light shows.





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