19 September, 2016

5 Bars in Seattle You Don’t Know About

5 Bars in Seattle You Don’t Know About

We all have that one bar we love to go to with friends after a long, and tiring week. Whilst familiar names such as Rhino Room, and Rheinhaus are popular choices, we decided to look for bars in Seattle that aren’t so mainstream.  These are 5 bars in Seattle that you’ve probably walked by a dozen times without noticing.

needle and thread is one of the most hidden bars in Seattle

1. Needle and Thread

Description:  Located in Capitol Hill, this Prohibition themed bar only has 25 seats and will often require a reservation to accommodate visitors.  The bar is secretly hidden within Tavern Law, and to access it, you have to look past the conspicuous safe door and ring the old school telephone to alert the staff on the other side.

What Makes it Unique:  Enter the bar and one of the first things you discover is that the bar does not have a menu.  At the Needle and Thread, visitors have complete control over how their drinks are  to be made.  To order, you have to describe your alcoholic preferences to the bartender.  Tell him what kind of base alcohol you want, how you want it to taste, and what fruit you like and he’ll go ahead and make you something.  The better you can describe your drink, the better tasting it will be.

Address:  1406 12th Ave Seattle, WA, 98122

bathtub gin and co is one of the most hidden bars in Seattle

2. Bathtub Gin & Co

Description: Hidden under an old brick hotel now known as the Humphrey Apartments, this small, and intimate bar was build back in 2009, and exclusively hosts only 39 guests at a time with no chance of reservation.  With darkly lit candles, and a classic cocktail selction, this bar is a must go for Prohibition themed bar lovers.

What Makes it Unique:  For those wanting to try something new, the bartender can make something special for you.  For those of you coming in large groups or with a date, the bar has a candle lit Library to the side for a more intimate setting.

Address: 2205 2nd Ave Seattle, WA, 98121

Knee High Stocking Co is one of the most hidden bars in Seattle

3. Knee High Stocking Co

Description: This speakeasy bar is hidden in plain sight in one of Seattle’s most dynamic neighborhoods, Capitol Hill and chances are you have probably walked by it more than a few times.  Inspired by the American and French cocktail traditions of the late 1800s and early 1900s, Knee High Stocking Co produces some of the finest drinks in the Seattle area.

What Makes it Unique: The bar does a great job of giving it’s visitors a unique prohibition like experience.  From the outside, the building blends with it’s surroundings by appearing like any other apartment building in the area.  Ring the doorbell, however, and someone will let you in for a truly unique experience.

Address:  1356 E Olive Way Seattle, WA, 98122

The Hideout is one of the most hidden bars in Seattle

4. The Hideout

Description:  With a plain and easy to miss exterior, visitors would be pleasantly surprised with this bar’s beautiful interior.  With darkly lit rooms, hanging artworks on walls, and a dangling chandelier, the Hideout creates an elegant, and intimate atmosphere whilst also producing well crafted cocktails for it’s visitors.

What Makes it Unique:  Visit the bars website and you will soon find a section on discreet theater.  Every so often actors will blend into, and entertain the crowd.  If you are every visiting the Hideout, keep a lookout for these actors and you just might see something special in your visit.

Address: 1005 Boren Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

The Backroom at the Liberty is one of the most hidden bars in Seattle

5. The Backroom at the Liberty

Description: Whilst many people are probably familiar with Liberty Bar, most do not know about the secret backroom hidden away behind the large mirror near the bathroom.  Whilst just being an extension of the bar itself, the backroom offers soft couches for visitors to relax, and enjoy their drinks.

What Makes it Unique:  With a large selection of drinks available, including dozens of Vodkas, and a premium selection of Gin, Tequila, and Bourbons, visitors can be sure to find any drink they want in one of Seattle’s most complete drinks menus.

Address: 517 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112


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