24 November, 2016

Introducing Qrawd

Introducing Qrawd


Find out what’s happening around you.

About half a year ago, on a Friday night, we asked the seemingly common question on every normal person’s mind, “what should we do now?”, and from there the idea for Qrawd was born. Have you ever been in that position where you go to a nightclub only to find out it’s empty? Perhaps a time when you go to that ice cream festival only to be disappointed by the mediocre taste? Now, imagine having real time information beforehand, knowing how crazy or exciting an event is before you even finish dressing up to go out. With Qrawd, users can be sure to visit the most happening events around their area.


For users, the app is a new way to discover the most exciting events throughout the city. Look through the home screen and you’ll find out just about anything you need to decide on what to do, or where to go with your friends.

“Share and enjoy the good times”

Our mission is for everyone to“experience the happenings”around them. We encourage everyone to share and enjoy the good times together by posting the sights, sounds and emotions around them. With Qrawd, capture that last minute touchdown at Century Stadium, the lights and sounds around Capitol Hill, or the smiles at the Washington State Fair and share it with everyone around you.

We are both happy and excited to introduce Qrawd, and look forward to sharing the good times with you.

Share the moments, join the Qrawd.


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